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Endoscopic Brow lift ( Forehead Lift)

With age, the skin of the forehead loses its elasticity and horizontal lines can form and the eyebrows gradually begin to droop to a low position (eyebrow ptosis). This results in heavy upper eyelids and a permanently tired, angry or sad appearance. In extreme cases the droopy upper eye lid can obscure the field of vision. Brow ptosis can occur at a relatively younger age as an inherited trait.

The Brow Lift is a surgical procedure in which the forehead is lifted to a higher position, resulting in the eyebrows being subtly raised to achieve a smoother more youthful appearance.

A limited amount of eyebrow lift may be achieved through incisions made for upper Blepharoplasty (surgery to remove excess skin on the upper eyelids). Mr Fallahdar will discuss this with you in full should this be a suitable option. In some cases, a brow lift in combination with Blepharoplasty may be a possible treatment option in order to achieve the most pleasing results. Whether you are interested in combining the two procedures or simply wish to book a consultation to see what the best surgical options are when it comes to enhancing your brow area, you can call us today on 07771 923 019 to discuss it all with our specialists.