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The information provided is generalised and comprehensive patient-specific advice can only be given at individual Consultation.

Surgery after Pregnancy

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding can place considerable strain on a woman’s body. The increased hormonal changes and natural increase in fat storage that take place often result in several marked changes in the size and shape of the breasts, abdomen, hips and thighs. Following childbirth and the cessation of breastfeeding, for some especially younger women, it can take several months of following a sensible diet and exercise to return as close as possible to pre-pregnancy state. For others, the return to normal is much more difficult or impossible, as irreversible residual skin sagging caused by the continuous stretching throughout the pregnancy affects self image and confidence.
The permanent changes can especially affect women who have started their families slightly later and often have reduced skin elasticity, women who have had several pregnancies, and women who have carried twins or triplets.
Several surgical techniques can be undertaken separately or at the same time if required.

Changes to the Breasts during and following Pregnancy

During pregnancy, due to the effects of pregnancy hormones, there is temporary enlargement of the breasts.
After childbirth or stopping breastfeeding the hormone levels fall and the breast size reduces. The stretched skin of the breasts may not retract back to its original state and the breasts may sag and appear more droopy and deflated. The youthful fullness of the breasts can also often be lost at the upper part (upper pole).
A Breast enlargement with silicone gel implants with or without a Breast Lift procedure can address these problems by restoring breast volume and shape and position as required.

Changes to the Abdomen during and following Pregnancy

The skin of the abdomen is stretched throughout pregnancy. Should excessive stretching take place (as is often the case in women carrying multiple babies or those who have had multiple pregnancies), then after childbirth the skin may not return to its original state. As a result the skin of the abdomen may be loose and sagging and the abdominal muscles separated despite regular exercise. There may in addition be unsightly stretch marks present.
An Abdominoplasty or ‘tummy tuck’ will remove the excess sagging skin and fat affecting the lower abdomen and tighten abdominal muscles, in order to achieve a firmer, flatter stomach and better defined waistline. The scar is positioned on the lower abdomen and is well hidden with most underwear/swimwear, and can in some cases be incorporated into an existing C-section scar. The procedure can also remove any stretch marks present on the lower abdomen.
In a Full Abdominoplasty the umbilicus is repositioned, however should there be mild skin excess present, a simpler procedure termed a ‘mini tummy tuck’, in which the position if the umbilicus is untouched and scarring around the navel can be considered.