Reconstructive Surgery
Nipple Reconstruction

Nipple Reconstruction

The aim of Breast Reconstructive surgery is to create a breast that is as symmetrical as possible to the existing natural breast. Although cosmetically pleasing results are achieved when rebuilding the breast, there may be discrepancies in size and shape between the two breasts. It is therefore common for adjustment surgery (such as breast uplift surgery, breast reduction or breast augmentation) to be planned and performed on the natural opposite breast in order to achieve a superior symmetrical and aesthetic match.

In addition to surgery on the natural breast, some smaller procedures may be necessary to fine tune the shape of the reconstructed breast and create a nipple and areola. Nipple reconstruction is performed 4-6 months after breast reconstruction as a day case under local anaesthetic, to give the breast time to heal completely and settle into its final size and shape. Skin on the new breast can be folded into a nipple shape. The nipple surgery is completed 6-8 weeks later, when the areolar complex is tattooed by carefully injecting a pigment to achieve a natural looking appearance.

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