Reconstructive Surgery
Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction 

Breast Reconstruction surgery involves the rebuilding of a new breast shape following mastectomy surgery (removal of the whole breast) or improve upon the shape or fix defects that occur following lumpectomy surgery (removal of part of the breast). It can play an important role in a patient’s physical, emotional and psychological recovery and is now widely considered a vital part of the overall breast cancer treatment plan. The post-lumpectomy or masectomy reconstruction process involves carefully conducted multidisciplinary team planning by breast cancer specialists (Oncologists), breast surgeons and plastic surgeons.

Mr Fallahdar has wide experience in the full range of breast reconstruction surgery procedures and he will thoroughly explore and discuss all options at your consultation in order to find the one that is most suitable in your specific case. It is important that you understand all that is involved and have realistic expectations of how the new reconstructed breast will look.

Considerations when choosing a type of reconstruction include:

  • General health and fitness of the patient
  • Amount of skin and volume that requires replacing
  • Amount of skin and volume that is available in the various possible flap donor sites
  • Patient preference with respect to scarring and results
  • Possible negative interference with other treatments such as radiotherapy

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