Reconstructive Surgery
Complex head and neck reconstruction

The information provided is generalised and comprehensive patient-specific advice can only be given at individual Consultation.

Complex Head and Neck Reconstructive Surgery

Depending upon the location and extent of the tumour, treatment for head and neck cancers often requires complex multidisciplinary team work by a variety of specialists such as oral surgeons; ear, nose, and throat surgeons (also called otolaryngologists); pathologists; medical oncologists; radiologists; dentists; plastic surgeons; dietitians; social workers; nurses; physical therapists; and speech therapists in order to achieve optimum results.

Treatment depends on the patient's age and general health, and usually consists of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or a combination of these. Before deciding on the best treatment option, how a particular treatment may affect the way the patient eats, breathes, looks and/or talks is carefully assessed.

Many patients will in addition require head reconstruction surgery or neck reconstruction surgical rehabilitation, in order to help rebuild a face or neck structure and retain function.

Head and neck reconstructive Surgery is usually undertaken as part of the same operation to remove the tumour. The defect that remains following specialized tumour removal is replaced with the patient’s own living tissue using a loco-regional pedicled flap or a free flap, using microsurgery. This free flap consists of skin, muscles, blood vessels and sometimes bone. The free flap can be taken from your forearm, hip, leg or tummy. To cover the area where the free flap is taken, normally direct closure or a skin graft is used.

Mr Fallahdar has wide experience in Head and Neck reconstructive surgery and the latest Microsurgical techniques and provides a comprehensive service in his private practice. His previous 10 year extensive experience at the renowned National Cancer Institute, Milan and his recent posts at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge and The Royal Marsden Hospital, serve to highlight his acknowledged expertise.